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When you choose to utilize the services of SNACK SMART VENDING SERVICES you will receive not only excellent services but you will also receive the benefit that comes form having at your location the most advanced vending machines available today. The vending machine utilized by SNACK SMART VENDING is not your traditional soda and snack vending machine. Listed below are the features of this machine that make it the "uncola" of the vending world
1. DURABLE: Our bulk machines and our Refreshment Stations are the best-built bulki and snack/soda vending machine in the world with high security, tamper-resistant, maximum security locks all encompassed in an anti-theft design
2. THE REFRESHMENT STATION IS A FOUR IN ONE VENDING MACHINE: It's a Soda Machine, a Snack Machine, a Bottled Water/Sports Drink Machine, and an Energy Drink Machine.
3. REFRESHMENT STATIONM - MODULAR CAPACITY: We have the capacity to add our COFFEESHOPPE and/or our MEALTIME satellite vending machines to machines we place on your premises.
4. SUPERIOR COIN AND PAPER MONEY TRANSACTION EQUIPMENT: Our machines are equipped with the same superior money handling technology used in the Las Vagus Casinos. We experience few, if any, problems with this equipment.
5. REFRESHMENT STATION CREDIT/DEBIT CARD CAPABILITY: The future is here! Our vending machines, we call them our Refreshment Stations, can be equipped with the latest state-of-the art "cashless vending technology".

6.REFRESHMENT STATION REMOTE MACHINE MONITORING (RMM): Our machines utilize wireless technology to communicate sales and inventory information to our computer at the office. As a result we have the information needed to assure that machines are always full and prepared for our customers.

7. BULK MACHINE CHARITY: Part of the profits from our bulk machine service go to support CHILD SEARCH, a charity that we feel provides a valuable service parents of missing or abducted children.

In addition to supplying you with quality machines we provide you with CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY. We pride ourselves in the service we provide. We do not stock our machines in a robotic manner. It is our customers who determine what products are available in our machines. We provide you with a menue of products to choose from so that we are sure we are meeting your needs.

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3212 Waters Meadow Trail
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Phone: (734) 780-7358

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